Approaching the end of the 3rd Edit.

Today is Thursday June 24th. I didn’t sleep much last night. My mind was turning over the points and phrases I was planning on writing as soon as I got up. This turning started about 4am. I forced myself to stay in bed and at least rest until 6am. Then I got up.

After feeding my dog and myself I climbed the stairs and sat in my office. As soon as the computer lit up I had the narrator’s words jumping off of my fingers.

Working on a page at a time, I’d write, then record, then edit the narration and drop the appropriate images in place. By three o’clock I was able to sit back and watch a little over eight new minutes of the documentary.

The screen shot accompanying this post displays the 1959 Junior World Series between the Minneapolis Millers and the Havana Sugar Kings. Spoiler alert – the Millers lost the series.