The Millers & The Saints


Decades before the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota there was professional baseball in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. From 1902 to 1960 the Minneapolis Millers and the Saint Paul Saints were bitter intercity rivals who competed for hometown bragging rights. These nearly forgotten minor league clubs not only attracted generations of loyal fans, but also provided legions of players a pathway to the majors and for a few a first step on their journey to baseball’s Hall Of Fame.

Team Names

The Minneapolis Millers took their name from the mills that dotted the banks of the Mississippi River.  The Saint Paul Saints, or the Apostles as they were also known, derived their name from the capitol city that was named for Paul the Apostle by Father Lucien Galtier in 1841.

Director Bio

My name is Wesley Ellenwood. I was never very good at baseball. I couldn’t hit, throw, or catch. Wasn’t ever hit in the head though. This is why I chose to become a film director.